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Customers Define Value in Auto Body Repair

Posted by Jack Lamborghini on Thu, Mar 29, 2012 @ 07:14 AM

When my business partner Brian and I started Total Care Accident Repair in June of 2010, we knew our partnership would succeed because we share the same set of principles and values that guide us in both our personal and professional lives. Over the next several months I would like to share with you how we think about our business, our customers, our employees, our insurance partners, our vendors and even our competitors.

This is my first-ever blog, so bear with me and don’t hesitate to give me your feedback!

One of the most basic principles that we operate on is simply this: The Customer Defines Value. 

Good Value

So what does that mean? For us it means we have to listen closely to what the customer wants, and then offer our experienced opinion and guidance to explain the options with the pros and cons allowing them to move through their decision making process. Each customer has their own personal set of unique circumstances that dictates their buying decision. Our job is to ask the right questions, listen closely to the answers and provide options that fulfill the need. Cost, quality, convenience and time are the usual customer concerns, but everyone still has unique needs.

Our goal is to give every customer a customized repair experience! “One size fits all” will never apply here at Total Care. If your vehicle is your “baby” and you want it to look like the accident never happened, we can certainly do that. If you are on a tight budget and only want a partial repair for the purpose of functionality, we are more than happy to accommodate you. If you are concerned about surcharge points and want to avoid making an insurance claim, we can guide you. And if you just ripped the mirror off the new car backing it out of the garage and need it replaced before your wife finds out, we can help you with that too!

Too often body shops don’t really listen to the voice of the customer. They only want to do the repair “their way”. They are often unwilling, or unable, to comprehend what the customer truly values. When we opened Total Care Accident Repair we did it with a very different operating model that is focused on creating value for every customer on every repair as defined by you…..  And thus, we never lose sight of the fact that The Customer Defines Value.

It’s simple. It’s not rocket science. Shouldn’t every business, regardless of the industry, encourage and ultimately let their customers define value? We think so!

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