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The Origin of Good Customer Service - For Auto Body Shops & Beyond

Posted by Jack Lamborghini on Wed, May 02, 2012 @ 08:50 AM

I have spent virtually my entire thirty five year business career in the auto body and collision repair industry. As a business owner (and a naturally curious person) I am keenly interested in how other businesses and industries handle the customer care experience. 


I had an interesting “customer experience” the other day at one of the major office supply chain stores. It helped clarify my understanding as to who is really in control of customer service at any business.  The young female service rep that was allegedly there to help me was completely disinterested in: 

               A)   Her job

               B)   My wants & needs

               C)   The image & well being of her employer

               D)   ALL of the above

customer service

The company in question typically provides great service and despite my unpleasant experience with this one individual, I will not be deterred from shopping there in the future.  At least until it happens again. The crux of the prob

lem seemed to be that the service rep was not “happy”.  I can’t tell you if her unhappiness was due to personal problems, her job situation or just the proverbial “bad attitude” but it didn’t play well with me or the two other customers I saw her torture while I was there. 

As you might expect, Brian Bernard and I are very proud of the >98% CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) that Total Care Accident Repair has achieved over the past twelve months.  The long term viability of any business is directly tied to the level of trust and loyalty you have with each and every customer.  So what is the secret for any company in achieving great customer satisfaction?  We believe it’s directly tied to the trust, loyalty and respect that employees share with their company and each other.

At Total Care our people are our greatest asset. They are even more important than our customers. Yes, I did just say that and here is the reason  why:  If our people are not happy, enthused, motivated, concerned, well trained, fairly compensated, encouraged, competent and caring they will not be capable of delivering the customer experience that we expect and you deserve.

So now I would like to introduce you to the team that delivers the Total Care experience:

Pedro Flores and Brian Couto are our “blueprinters”.  They are responsible for taking your car apart, documenting all the damage and ordering all the parts. Pedro is a licensed damage appraiser and Brian is an ICAR Platinum trained technician. Together, their mission is to get it right the first time, and they do!  Frank Soares handles all of our frame, structural and suspension repairs. Frank is also an ICAR Platinum trained technician and welder. Frank has a wealth of automotive repair knowledge that never ceases to amaze me. Frank can fix anything!  Mark Pacheco is responsible for our coach work. He is a master craftsman when it comes to straightening and sculpting twisted metal. No one does it better than Mark and he does it with a terrific sense of humor. Craig Denton is our painter. His ability to blend & match color is outstanding but it’s his “can do” approach that makes him so valuable to our team. Craig came to us in 2010 from the UK and he still doesn’t “get” baseball.  Chris Barbosa  re-assembles your vehicle after the body & paint work has been completed. Chris has an uncompromising eye for detail and the belief that he can make every gap perfect. Sometimes I have to remind him that he can’t. Joe Rodrigues is “the magic man with the magic hands”.  Joe buffs, cleans & details your car as the final step in our process. His work ethic & upbeat personality allows us to overlook his devotion to the New York Giants.  Jason Razee is our youngest technician and “utility” player who assists our senior techs. Just two years removed from trade school, Jason has displayed both the talent and maturity that bodes well for his future success.  Andrew Perry is our office  administrator, parts manager and front line estimator. His technical automotive experience coupled with a degree in computational math from UMASS makes him an interesting young man.  Andrew’s  role at Total Care is to do whatever is needed and he does a great job at it!

These are the people who create the outstanding experience for our customers. We are blessed to have them here on our team and very proud of what they do. Unlike the service rep I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, our team is completely engaged in their work, caring about our customers needs  and concerned about the image, well being and success of Total Care Accident Repair.  Our business isn’t perfect. And every day at our Raynham body shop isn’t “Camelot” but the respect we have for each other and the business is what fuels the care we provide to our customers.  At the end of the day it boils down to this very simple equation:  

Customer Satisfaction = Employee Satisfaction

Happy Customer



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