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Deer Collisions – An Unavoidable Accident

Posted by Brian Bernard on Mon, Dec 10, 2012 @ 08:15 AM

Deer Collisions – An Unavoidable Accident

Fall is the most active time of year for deer while they are in their breeding season.  They are actively seeking out mates and travelling more than they otherwise would.  Their paths cross roadways and highways and they are somewhat distracted with the need to find a mate.  This is not a good combination when you factor in the heavy traffic on our roads.

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Nearly 2/3 of deer accidents occur between October and December in our area.  Many of them occur in the early morning and at dusk which coincides with rush hour and darkness.  There are so many wooded areas inTaunton and Raynham that make this a well populated home for deer.

Accident prevention with a deer is not easy, but reduced speeds, especially at these active times will put you in a safer position.  Slower speeds will increase reaction times and if there is a collision, damage will likely be far less than at high speeds.  Use of high beam lights is also helpful.  Deer are almost impossible to spot on the road when low beams are used on dark roadways. 

When confronted by a deer, Reduce Speed Safely and maintain control of the vehicle.  Avoid swerving the vehicle.  People are more likely to be injured if their car leaves the roadway or crosses into oncoming traffic.  Avoid rollovers or hitting poles or objects on the side of the road.  Nobody wants to hit the deer, but you have to protect yourself and the lives of others first.  Remember that deer are herd animals and frequently travel in single file. If you see one deer cross the road, chances are there are more waiting.

Did you hit the deer or did the deer hit you?  It happens both ways but, under yourMassachusettsinsurance policy, any deer collision is generally covered under your comprehensive coverage.  This means a deductible applies when you get the car repaired but, there is no surcharge or points charged to your Safe Driver Insurance Plan (SDIP).  When a deer runs into you, the damage is fairly minor but a full-on collision with a deer will cause significant damage to a car.  These are often some of the larger repairs that we see in our auto body shop. 

Because of the way insurance policies treat deer collisions, most repairs of this type are run through insurance policies rather than paid for out of pocket.  A body shop repair estimate usually originates with the insurer and is finalized at the shop.

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