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Auto Body Express Repairs

Posted by Brian Bernard on Tue, Apr 24, 2012 @ 01:50 PM

Customers frequently ask us about "Auto Body Express Repairs" and if their vehicle is eligible.  While most of our repairs follow the traditional collision repair process, it is nice to have an alternative for faster moving small repairs. There are three main criteria that fit our Express Service model.

  1. Smaller Repairs
  • Bumper Covers
  • Door Dings and Dents
  • Scuffs & Scratches
  • Mirrors
  • Non-Insurance
    • Eliminate wait-time for authorizations makes it FAST!
  • Customer Choice
    • Select from several repair options (Good/Better/Best)
    • Repair the way you want it
    • Priced to fit your budget
    The result is a FAST Repair
      • Many repairs done same day
      • Maximum 3 day repair
    Here are some pictures of a recent repair that was completed in 1-day.  This can be a VERY ECONOMICAL alternative to traditional collision repair.

    Auto Body Express Repair 1  Auto Body Express Repair 2                                                             

    If Auto Body Express Repair sounds good to you, the first step is to make an appointment so we can review the damage together.  We will listen to what you want, and together we will develop a repair plan that fits your needs.  If your repair doesn't fit the Express Model, we can proceed with the traditional collision repair with (or without) your insurance company.  But a 10-minute appointment will answer all of your questions.

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