Auto Body EXPRESS REPAIR is a QUICK Repair That SAVES Money

 How is Auto Body Express Repair Different?

Sometimes you may not want to file an insurance claim.  If you have a small repair and want to go this route, then Express Repair has some advantages.  Its QUICK- Because we don't have to wait for insurance authorizations.  Its also very affordable.  You authorize your own repairs based on what you want.  It is also a smaller and less complex repair.  Think bumpers, door dings, minor accidents, scratch repair.

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You SAVE - Because you choose the repair that fits your budget!  You choose from our Good, Better, Best alternatives.  You define Value!  Choose with confidence because we guaranty your satisfaction.

Things Express Repair Customers Say:

  -  "The damage is small and I don't think I need to file an insurance claim."

  -  "I don't need this to be perfect, I just need it better.  Let's face it, my car getting old."

  -  "I've had too many insurance claims.  I can't afford to file another insurance claim!"

  -  "I have to turn in my leased car and I don't want to get penalized."

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The Customer Defines Value - Good / Better / Best


I want my car to be functional again, or I need it to look a little better, but it doesn't have to be perfect. I can live without paint work.  My car is still beautiful to me!



I want to avoid filing an insurance claim, but I want my car to look good again.  Its not new, but its not old.  I don't want to spend too much... I'm interested in VALUE.



It is important that the job is done to perfection.  I love my car and I want it to look like this damage never happened.  I want it done right and done quickly.