When Will My Car Be Done?

When will my car be done?  This is one of the first questions we get from our customers and its a good one!

There is only 1-way to answer that question... let us take it apart to find out exactly what your car needs.  We do this on the day your car is scheduled in for repairs.  Once we have completed our Repair Plan, we will give you a call to let you know what we found and to give you the Projected Completion Date for your car based on our proprietary internal scheduling system.describe the image

As we progress through the repairs, we will contact you a few more times with updates on the repair process.  We may modify the Projected Completion Date for you, sometimes its sooner, sometimes its not.  But you can be sure that we are going to work hard to get you back into your car fast. 

Quality is always important, and we will not take shortcuts in repairing your vehicle back to preaccident condition.  And we have learned that a speedy repair makes our customers the happiest! Total Care's unique Repair System based on the Toyota Production System and Lean Manufacturing Principles allows us to repair cars up to 35% faster than our competitors. 

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These are just a few more reasons to choose Total Care Accident Repair!