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Our trained staff will manage the claim process for you and we will keep you informed along the way by:

  • Scheduling your repair appointment
  • Coordinating the towing of your vehicle
  • Providing rental car assistance
  • Managing your insurance claim
  • Providing timely updates as to the status of your repair

With years of great service behind us, you can relax as our highly trained team works to put your vehicle back on the road again.

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What you can expect from Total Care Accident Repair Service

After an accident, the last thing you want is any more surprises. To that end, Total Care Accident Repair can assure you a safe repair performed to manufacturer’s specifications by an I-CAR Platinum Level Technician in a shop with state-of-the-art equipment.

Where you might be surprised is with our service. You can expect a friendly, knowledgeable staff to manage your claim, answer your questions and keep you posted on the status of your repair. If that’s not enough, Total Care Accident Repair provides a lifetime written warranty, so you have peace of mind once you get your vehicle back.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our satisfied customers have to say below:

  • Beelinda Fox6/21/2021

    Amazing experience! The work that the auto shop was impeccable. Customer service is was absolute satisfaction! Brett and... read more

    Sean O'Reilly6/21/2021

    Great customer service!

    carlos rosado6/21/2021

    I recommend this place. Brian is very professional. He explained all the details before and after the work... read more

  • Jodi Martin5/21/2021

    I was rear ended. It was my first accident ever and I had no idea what I was doing, but... read more

    Regina Kang5/21/2021

    They make your car look like the accident never happened. Very good customer service too!!!


    These guys are great; they deserve 10 stars but we can only use 5. The quality of the service is... read more

  • Jessie Lallier5/01/2021

    Super knowledgable and professional. Very thorough.

    Silas Fitzgerald5/01/2021

    While I always refer to them when choosing a provider , I don’t often leave online reviews. Like most people,... read more

    Brian Bairos4/28/2021

    I have never been to a more professional auto body shop.... The work is always done right and it shows... read more

  • Phillip Vaillancourt4/21/2021

    Great group of people over here. I was in an accident where the person behind rear-ended me and had... read more

    Phillip Vaillancourt4/21/2021

    Great group of people over here. I was in an accident where the person behind rear-ended me and had... read more


    Initially I went to a couple body shops , searching for the right one where the truck is brand new... read more

  • Lisa Piscatelli4/05/2021

    Total Care indeed did take good care of me from day one of the drop off for vehicle body repair.... read more

    Deb Melo4/05/2021

    Professionals all the way! Completed work in a very timely manner. Car looks brand new. They clean the inside of... read more

    Deb Melo3/21/2021

    Professionals all the way! Completed work in a very timely manner. Car looks brand new. They clean the inside of... read more

  • Marge T2/25/2021

    Brett was Very knowledgeable,explained everything, in terms I understood. Very professional. Kind and understanding.

    Annemarie Blackden2/25/2021

    This company did an amazing job on my car. They were very professional and explained everything that they were... read more

    Annemarie Blackden2/21/2021

    This company did an amazing job on my car. They were very professional and explained everything that they were... read more

  • Scotty Wilshire2/04/2021

    Excellent Customer Service, Extremely Knowledgeable, Excellent up to date status on your vehicle while being repaired, Recommended to all who... read more

    Douglas Macedo2/04/2021

    So let me start off with that I’ve never been in an accident before and I ended up hitting a... read more

    Paul Quinn2/04/2021

    I brought my F250 work truck to Total Auto Care tohave it fixed after an accident. I found them tobe... read more

  • Denise Camara12/21/2020

    Great customer service. Amazing results. Highly recommendService: Body & Trim

    Denise Camara12/17/2020

    Great customer service. Amazing results. Highly recommend

    David Langlois12/02/2020

    These guys are Pros! Fully restored my 2017 Kia Sorento back to brand new condition after a fender bender.... read more

  • Michelle Savas11/17/2020

    I was very impressed with Total Care from the very first phone call I made. I was treated with kindness... read more

    Mouhammed Awadallah10/06/2020

    The people at Total Care were very professional, polite and helpful. We were in an accident and brought our van... read more

    Kathleen Noonan8/24/2020

    I had a wonderful experience with Total Care Accident Repair. Brian was very attentive to what I needed fixed... read more

  • Patricia Lord7/14/2020

    I was very pleased with the service I received. Everyone was pleasant and kept me updated thru the whole... read more

    Mitch Pozner7/14/2020

    best service n professionalism

    Krista Therese6/14/2020

    Excellent customer service from all in the front office. Helped me handle my rental and insurance company claim, and my... read more

  • Amanda Walmsley6/14/2020

    They were awesome! They called me every few days and updated me, answered all questions and even sent me videos... read more

    Laurie Hartigan6/14/2020

    This is my 3rd time using this auto body shop and my car(s) always come out looking brand new. ... read more

    Marq S4/14/2020

    Brian and his team here are amazing, easy to talk to and very transparent with all the steps throughout the... read more

  • Robert Edwards4/14/2020

    They did a great job repairing my car and kept me appraised of everything every step of the way and... read more

    David Geyer3/14/2020

    Excellent service. Total Care handled the insurance company and kept us informed throughout the process and work was completed by... read more

    lucas gilobode3/14/2020

    Great folks, who care!

  • brendan chambers3/14/2020

    This was my first time having to deal with a car accident and all of the repairs/insurance/rental components that it... read more

    Stephen Schofield3/14/2020

    These Guys are the Real Deal Unbelievable Quality Workmanship!!

    Arielle Louissaint3/04/2020

    This is my third repair with Total Care. Great work as always and outstanding customer service.

  • Christopher Adey2/14/2020

    Very professional. Great advice on handling insurance companies. They did a great job. Car looks like new.

    Tony Rosa2/14/2020

    Always does a great job on my Subaru. Never an issue and staff is always friendly and professional. They take... read more

    Mike's Place1/14/2020

    Car looks great. Very happy with it . They keep you up to date on progress. Great place if care... read more

  • lisa howard12/14/2019

    I can’t think of a single thing they could’ve done to improve my experience. Total professionals, kept me up to... read more

    Susan Fessenden12/14/2019

    Knowledge staff, thorough, kept me updated as to the progress of the work. Professional and friendly. Have used... read more

    Jason FitzGerald11/14/2019

    I've now been through the accident-insurance-rental-repair cycle twice with Total Care and couldn't recommend them more. They make a... read more

  • Kyle Flaherty11/14/2019

    Great work and fair pricing.

    Greg Mancini11/14/2019

    Wonderful experience with Total Care. They fit me right into their busy schedule and returned my car looking even better... read more

    Erin Cautillo11/14/2019

    I hit a deer a few years back and it did quite a bit of damage. Total care brought my... read more

  • Patricia Boyce10/14/2019

    Total Care has excellent service! Great Job Always!!! Will recommend to family & friends. Looking to get your... read more

    alyssa shea9/14/2019

    I have been going to Total Care for a few years now and I will never go anywhere else. Not... read more

    Lilli Shaw9/14/2019

    Professional service team! Great work and they thoroughly review everything with you. The step by step guidance, calls about the... read more

  • Chris Tremblay9/14/2019

    Excellent service from the first phone call to delivery. They take good care of you and your car. ... read more

    Kiran K9/14/2019

    Great service. Hope they have Pckup option for local clients

    Peter Cipolletti9/14/2019

    Super easy to work with, excellent Results.

  • Kayla Silva9/14/2019

    It took quite a while to get my car into the shop, but it was well worth the wait.... read more

    Christopher Horn9/14/2019

    Great experience from start to finish.

    Mark Cokely9/14/2019

    Nice work done on time and friendly people

  • Kathleen Aubrey9/14/2019

    I went to Total Care to get my car mirror fixed. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They... read more

    Loyal Jacob9/14/2019

    I had a very positive experience with Total Care Accident Repair! Personnel were friendly, helpful and professional in every... read more

    Susan Hewitt9/14/2019

    I was very impressed with the courtesy and professionalism of this repair shop. When I first arrived I wasn’t sure... read more

  • Jeff Chaves9/14/2019

    Best place around. Never going to bring my cars anywhere else again. Best work I’ve ever seen.

    Greg Cady9/14/2019

    My 4runner was rear ended in traffic and needed serious work, Jack and the crew at Total Car Care... read more

    Erik Johnson9/14/2019

    Great service - thank you.

  • Steve Harradon9/14/2019

    I recently retired and bought a brand new car to celebrate. 500 miles later ...WHAM... rear ended with an enormous... read more

    artful STEPH9/14/2019

    Jack Lamborghini and Brett Bernard are the measuring stick of great customer service. Turn around time was rapid. Communication was... read more

    Ashley Willett9/14/2019

    The work they did to my car was incredible and the customer service was even better. They kept me in... read more

  • Gasturbineman DM9/14/2019

    Great joint, experienced staff, awesome customer service.

    Paul Graham9/14/2019

    Total Care is the best auto body around! Quality of work is outstanding and customer service goes above and beyond.... read more

    Frances Costa9/14/2019

    They do the best work and are very courteous!

  • AJ watson9/14/2019

    The team at Total Care was awesome during the whole process. They kept me informed with phone calls and even... read more

    Ralph Debelius9/14/2019

    Very timely and orderly operation. Highly organized and great communication. I was told when to expect my car back and... read more

    mario ferreira9/14/2019

    Awesome service.

  • Mary Reardon9/14/2019

    Professional and great communication every step of the way. Worked really well coordinating through insurance to get everything completed. Car... read more

    Diane Kacz9/14/2019

    Fantastic work. Kept me up to date on repairs and finished when promised. Highly recommend!

    Joe Riendeau9/14/2019

    The staff were very polite and helpful. They also helped me with information to settle my insurance claim.

  • Arielle Leonard9/14/2019

    This is my third repair with Total Care. Great work as always and outstanding customer service.

    Tom Greco9/14/2019

    So easy to deal with, tons of communication, they really made sure the details are taken care of. Highly recommended...thank you!

    CE User9/14/2019

    I had minor damage to the front wheel well and they were able to order the parts and complete the... read more

  • Adam Amaral9/14/2019

    Extremely nice staff. Work is top notch and they don’t try to nickel and dime you. Would highly recommend... read more

    KENNETH LEANUES9/14/2019

    Their immediate attention to my needs was highly appreciated.Their operation is setup to handle any car rental needs. They handle... read more

    Zackary Davis9/14/2019

    Fantastic customer service and first rate quality of work. Would recommend them every day and twice on Sunday!

  • Genny1649/14/2019

    Although my car was totalled, the folks here were great to work with through the process. I would highly recommend them.

    Tom Rogers9/14/2019

    Great experience and great work. Thank you!

    Brandon McCullock9/14/2019

    This place is the best. They go above and beyond to keep you informed with what is going on with... read more

  • Susan MacKay9/14/2019

    Total Care Accident Repair did great work on my car! They took care of my rental for me through my... read more

    Paula Call9/14/2019

    Excellent service and quality repairs

    Jen needre9/14/2019

    Incredible service! I've had a few shops repair cars over the years and total care had my car towed to... read more

  • Cathy Gorman9/14/2018

    They did a great job on my car. And had it done 3 days ahead of schedule

    Becky Lundberg9/14/2018

    Excellent work. Curteous staff

    Linda Warnock9/14/2018

    Great service

  • Jason Fitzgerald9/14/2018

    The most magnificent word you can use when talking about body work is "painless". That's what these guys are.... read more

    nicholas rivard9/14/2018

    Amy was extremely helpful and the service was way better then any other place I’ve ever been. Greatly appreciate... read more

    Caitlin Westgate9/14/2018

    Awesome customer service and fast repairs!

  • Melanie Prado9/14/2018

    I've had my car fixed here from multiple accidents including one that had thousands in damage to the entire passenger... read more

    joe wetherell9/14/2018

    Spoke with Brian Bernard took great care of my me and my truck definitely got a repeat customer VERY fair... read more

    Matt Wilson9/14/2018

    I can't give these guys enough praise. Unfortunately, I've had to bring 2 different vehicles for significant repairs. Both experiences... read more

  • Nader Al-Haq9/14/2018

    I got in an accident for the first time and wasn't sure where to take my car or how to... read more

    David Iria9/14/2018

    Extremely professional and updated me all the way through the repair of my vehicle as well as gave me a... read more

    Jay T.9/14/2017

    Very courteous staff with a quality driven work ethic. They instill confidence when you are shaken from damage

  • Erin Connolly9/14/2017

    I was rear ended with minimal damage in my new car and brought it here for repairs. From the first... read more

    Meaghan Ferraz9/14/2017

    AMAZING customer service, FAST service, and genuinely cared about my concern to keep costs down. I was truly, and... read more

    Michael Cerreto9/14/2017

    High quality workmanship, friendly, courteous, knowledgeable.

  • Katie Ferreira9/14/2017

    Professional and quick, great work, very nice.

    Tara Wood9/14/2016

    Total Care went above and beyond to make this unfortunate accident a painless experience. They provided great communication, quicker... read more

    Derek Penniman9/14/2016

    All around great

  • Roger f9/14/2015

    You guys/gals do great work-you held our hand thru the process-you will get my highest recomendation to anyone needing body... read more

    Barbara Mancovsky9/14/2014

    These guys do a great job - exceeding my expectations every time we have had to have repairs done (unfortunately,... read more

    Chris Kinniery9/14/2014

    Our insurance company wanted us to use one of their "preferred" repair shop, but the online chatter for that place... read more

  • ace 579/14/2014

    Excellent experience, great communication, helpful. Repairt timeline quick!Quality of work appears first rate, sight lines tight, parts sourced primarily OEM,... read more

    Jeremy Motta9/14/2014

    This business is phenomenal! The friendliest and best service you could ask for. After having an accident I decided to... read more

    Crystal Lyons9/14/2013

    I am so unbelievably impressed with Total Care Accident Repair, located in Raynham, MA. I wanted a free estimate... read more

  • The Silent G9/14/2013

    I have gone to Total Care twice becasue they did a phenomenal job repaeiring my car the first time around.... read more

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